Music Theory & Composition Lessons

Surrey Singing Studio is delighted to announce that, from 3rd April 2017, British composer Timothy Hamilton will be offering tuition in music theory. Lessons will be available to all ages and levels, especially those preparing for the ABRSM theory exams. Tuition will 

also be available in composition and arranging,

including composing for GCSE and A level Music. Tim is a former GCSE and A level teacher and examiner.

Lessons last for 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on ability and requirement.


Pricing information can be found here.


Why should I consider Skype lessons?

Skype lessons are a convenient and time saving way of having music lessons. Here are some of the benefits:


Quality of the Teacher - It is far better to have Skype lessons with an excellent teacher than it is to be taught by a mediocre teacher in person. Skype gives prospective students more options to choose from when looking for a teacher since they are not restricted to their local region. The World is, literally, your oyster in terms of choice!





Recording Lessons - Whilst students already have various options for recording their face-to-face lessons, personal experience has shown that this rarely happens. With Skype lessons, you can easily record your sessions and review them at a later time. There is quite a selection of software available which will record Skype video or audio only. 


There are many more reasons why Skype lessons are becoming an increasingly effective and popular method for teaching music. One particular study (published in the 'American Journal of Distance Learning'- see here) concluded that 36% of the time in a face-to-face lesson was taken up with non lesson related 'off-task' behaviours (general chat, getting books/instruments ready etc.) compared to online lessons. Also, pupils are generally warmed up and prepared for their lesson before the Skype call comes through. 


Why not give it a try? Contact us now to book your first Skype lesson.






Please note that payment for online lessons must be received 24 hours before the lesson.

Lessons are tailored to each individual. Your tutor will discuss what you'd like to get out of the lessons, check your current ability level and offer advise on how to proceed.

Lessons are taught one-to-one, either in person at the Thames Ditton studio, or online via


Convenience - Not having to travel to the teacher's house or studio can save time and stress, allowing you to fit your lessons in around a busy schedule. For parents, there is the convenience of being able to allow your children to continiue with a normal routine whilst their sibling has a lesson. Having to rush to a lesson from the school pick-up with two or three hungry and bored children in tow will be a thing of the past!